Supernatural Synchronicity

A collaboration with UK blogger Ashley Knibb and myself, to bring you Supernatural Synchronicity.

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Do you believe in paranormal phenomena? Have you ever wondered where it comes from? Using a collaborative approach, Ashley and Sarah connect philosophy, psychology, physiology and even psychics to paranormal research to explore the possibilities. Is there a connection between the pineal gland and psychic phenomena? What about our soul and the debated akashic records? Does time play a part here or is it all in our perception? Join the conversation and challenge everything you think you know about paranormal phenomena and look at some theories from a different perspective.A great read for not only experienced paranormal investigators, psychics and spiritualists alike but anyone with an interest in the paranormal with the courage to ask the pivotal question .... what if

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6 Items

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Supernatural Synchronicity
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16th November 2019
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